Meet the young inventors – Finalists of Innovate The Cape Contest!

We recently had the honour of meeting some interesting, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young inventors who made the list of finalists for the Innovate The Cape  contest.

The workshop was hosted at The Bandwith Barn located at The Woodstock Exchange.

We were blown away by the intelligence and ingenuity that was present in the room.

Here were the projects each of the highschool students worked on:

Trolley Scanner – Challenge: overspending and debt

Solution: develop a barcode scanner integrated into a shopping trolley with a display so that shoppers can add up what they are spending as they shop.

Lumo Board – Challenge: unclear signage in informal settlements which hinders emergency services, especially at night.

Solution: using luminescent paint and the creative use of boards to make clear signage for streets and houses.

University High School Mix Network – Challenge: bridging the gap between high school and university students

Solution: creating a communication platform through social networks and cellphone apps, such as Mxit, through which university students can tutor and give study advice to high school students

Click here for the complete list on the website which includes 4 more  exciting projects!

The highschool students were keen to learn about the world of blogging and sharing their learnings using this platform.

Meet the finalists here:

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The whole team and workshop facilitator – Didintle Ntsie (Founder of The Travelling Speech Bubble)


Blogging Workshop with Innovate The Cape

Some fantastic news!

We will be hosting a blogging  workshop at The Woodstock Exchange with a phenomenal organisation called Innovate The Cape at the end of August.

Innovate the Cape offers to high school students the unparalleled opportunity to dream of their own solutions to their own challenges. Winners receive mentorship from local and international experts from highly reputed institutions, and up to R15,000 in financial support to kickstart their idea…”

They have partenered with MIT Media Lab, Harvard and our very own UCT to bring this project to life and we are extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful project.

The contest is open to high school students all over Western Cape . We will be giving blogging workshops to the finalists in order to assist them in documenting their experiences and learnings.

“Our dream is to inspire a cohort of home-grown problem solvers, actively improving their community with home-grown ingenuity. The submission deadline is 10 August 2013.”

The project originated in Sierra Leone (called Innovate Salone) and this amazing young man, aged 16, was the 2012 winner. He created a radio station using discarded scrap material that he could find in his neighbourhood! Meet Kelvin Doe, aka DJ Focus in this video.

Meet our first group of budding bloggers!

Friday the 10th of May saw us venturing out into Makhaza in Khayelitsha to meet our first group of 10 budding bloggers. It was a beautiful inviting sunny afternoon where we got to know each other.




A Telkom cable theft incident prevented us from getting into the labs and onto computers and getting started on the internet.

At The Travelling Speech Bubble we believe that setbacks are a launching pad for a new way of working, so we re-designed the day to accomodate this unexpected occurence.


We packed a picnic and asked the students of IKAMVAYOUTH (Makhaza branch) to choose a spot where we could sit in the sun and enjoy our picnic.



After an excited buzz of chitter chatter the soon to be bloggers escorted us to the spot. The guards of the chosen location were not convinced of our request and suggested we get a 1.5l bottle of cooldrink which would help the decision making process. We nominated the fastest young one in the group to go and get the drink of choice.


This seemed to be a fitting exchange!


While Vuyani, ran as fast as he could to the nearest shop where the cooldrink of choice could be found, we laid out our blankets and got ready to begin!



We placed our offerings forward and we opened up about what fuels us. Where our passions lie.


We later handed each of our pre-selected participants an envelope to fill in and reflect on. They were also asked to write a letter to their future selves (which will be handed to them upon completion of the workshop).







Here are all our budding bloggers!


Our First Ever Group Of Budding Bloggers!





















We look forward to a beautiful journey of learning, building and sharing stories, images and perspectives.

The cost of a blogging workshop for each student is R100, Donations are always welcomed to help make our work possible!

Get in touch with us for any further information