The Travelling Speech Bubble Talk Show!

As you may have noticed, The Travelling Speech Bubble has evolved since its inception and as we grow and attract new eyes, hands and hearts we are able to partner and work with individuals and organisations that believe in our bigger vision and who assist in helping us see this through. Slowly but surely we move forward.

The latest development is a talk show which will come to you in the form a webisode available on-line.

Not only will you have this available as a video you can watch at your own time, we will also be hosting screenings in different places and hosting conversations and discussions around the topics discussed in the show.

This is all in the process of coming to you. So bear with us while we get our ducks in a row!

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions of topics and people to interview.

The show is centred on having uncomfortable conversations, conversations about topics we may want to discuss but feel scared or uncomfortable to approach. The kind of conversations that are had with a small group of friends at a braai, on a camping trip, or over dinner. Yes, those ones.

Those topics that are the proverbial elephant in the room.

The show will not only travel to uncomfortable places within each of us, it will also attempt to bring inspiration through the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.  We have a growing list of these individuals, please feel free to contact us with suggestions of such people! We would love to hear from you!