Unplugged Event – Monday 21st July

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The Travelling Speech Bubble  invites you to a tech-free experience of connecting with others over a delicious meal, conversation, good music, art and analogue games.

*All proceeds from the event will go towards funding educational workshops in under-resourced communities.

Cost: R100 (Includes light dinner, snacks, entertainment & delicious punch)

Participation: RSVP to didintle.ntsie@gmail.com (Only 40 Spots available)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Music by Miles Sievwright

unplugged Monday 21 July


The Travelling Speech Bubble Talk Show!

As you may have noticed, The Travelling Speech Bubble has evolved since its inception and as we grow and attract new eyes, hands and hearts we are able to partner and work with individuals and organisations that believe in our bigger vision and who assist in helping us see this through. Slowly but surely we move forward.

The latest development is a talk show which will come to you in the form a webisode available on-line.

Not only will you have this available as a video you can watch at your own time, we will also be hosting screenings in different places and hosting conversations and discussions around the topics discussed in the show.

This is all in the process of coming to you. So bear with us while we get our ducks in a row!

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions of topics and people to interview.

The show is centred on having uncomfortable conversations, conversations about topics we may want to discuss but feel scared or uncomfortable to approach. The kind of conversations that are had with a small group of friends at a braai, on a camping trip, or over dinner. Yes, those ones.

Those topics that are the proverbial elephant in the room.

The show will not only travel to uncomfortable places within each of us, it will also attempt to bring inspiration through the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.  We have a growing list of these individuals, please feel free to contact us with suggestions of such people! We would love to hear from you!


Innovation Showcase brought to you by Innovate The Cape

A little while ago we worked with Innovate the Cape to offer blogging workshops to a group of young highly intelligent and innovative high-school learners.

It has been a few months since then and a few weeks ago as part of 100in1day Cape Town, we got in touch and caught up with the initiative and the budding young innovators.

It was an inspirational and highly informative event where we were introduced to speakers and business leaders with unique entrepreneurial skills such as Ludwick Marishane (founder and head of Head-boy industries) South Africa’s youngest patent-filer after having invented DryBath® at the age of 17.

Innovate Showcase took place on the 26th of October at Khayelitsha Hubspace.

Innovate the cape

Click here to find out how the day unfolded and to meet the youngsters and their amazing projects which focused on finding innovative solutions for some of societies challenges.

To keep up-to-date with developments or get involved with Innovate The Cape:

Twitter: @innovatethecape

Website: innovatethecape.org

Contact: stefan@innovatethecape.org

Meet our first group of budding bloggers!

Friday the 10th of May saw us venturing out into Makhaza in Khayelitsha to meet our first group of 10 budding bloggers. It was a beautiful inviting sunny afternoon where we got to know each other.




A Telkom cable theft incident prevented us from getting into the labs and onto computers and getting started on the internet.

At The Travelling Speech Bubble we believe that setbacks are a launching pad for a new way of working, so we re-designed the day to accomodate this unexpected occurence.


We packed a picnic and asked the students of IKAMVAYOUTH (Makhaza branch) to choose a spot where we could sit in the sun and enjoy our picnic.



After an excited buzz of chitter chatter the soon to be bloggers escorted us to the spot. The guards of the chosen location were not convinced of our request and suggested we get a 1.5l bottle of cooldrink which would help the decision making process. We nominated the fastest young one in the group to go and get the drink of choice.


This seemed to be a fitting exchange!


While Vuyani, ran as fast as he could to the nearest shop where the cooldrink of choice could be found, we laid out our blankets and got ready to begin!



We placed our offerings forward and we opened up about what fuels us. Where our passions lie.


We later handed each of our pre-selected participants an envelope to fill in and reflect on. They were also asked to write a letter to their future selves (which will be handed to them upon completion of the workshop).







Here are all our budding bloggers!


Our First Ever Group Of Budding Bloggers!





















We look forward to a beautiful journey of learning, building and sharing stories, images and perspectives.

The cost of a blogging workshop for each student is R100, Donations are always welcomed to help make our work possible!

Get in touch with us for any further information

Intimate Sessions Fundraiser! Friday 26th April

Our first fundraiser will be held at Made in Maboneng Temporium located at The Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town.


Friday 26 April 2013 | 7pm – late


Woodstock Exchange (66-68 Albert Road Woodstock)

[Facebook Event]

The Travelling Speech Bubble Fundraiser | 7pm | Woodstock Exchange| 26th April

The Travelling Speech Bubble Fundraiser | 7pm | Woodstock Exchange| 26th April


Our first ever fundraiser!

 – The first opportunity to see the pilot episode of our web-series

– Beautiful live music by Seth Williams and Cecilie Thulin of Juki & Seal

– Delicious food by Jade De Waal of EYHO Food Jams

– Relaxing Massages on offer

– Great way to find out more about what we do and why we do it!

Here is a link to our event on Facebook

All funds collected on the evening will go towards funding our  workshops (the workshop cost of each participant is R100 including a lunch pack/snacks). The participants are from under-resourced backgrounds. We run these fundraisers to ensure that money is not something that prevents them from taking part.

Money can also be contributed towards the production of our web-series.