A web-series which introduces the audience to ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. The series also serves as a sort of exploration into what the magic ingredient is that allows us to turn ideas and dreams into reality, whilst zooming in on the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

The series strives to do this by conducting an interview with an individual or group, have a conversation style interview around their work or a specific events in their lives that have most shaped their work and who they are.

We then have a music session, which is filmed, uninterrupted,  from beginning to end. We will attempt to bring new musicians that are not-so-known and occasionally get some more-widely-known musicians.

On each episode we seek out clothing, shoe & jewelry designers that would like to dress the host of the show. We then publish a short written Q&A with the designer. Looking at their motivation, inspiration and influences for the work and designs they produce.

If you would like to suggest subjects for the interview or the music session please get in touch with us

(If you are a designer or know a kick-ass designer please forward us your or their details and we will get in touch)

Email: thetravellingspeechbubble@gmail.com


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